Friday, October 17, 2008

Tasty Art!

I saw Alice Waters' book, "The Art of Simple Food" in Costco about a year ago and was intrigued. But, I was not in the book-buying, food-making sort of mood at the time, so I passed on buying it. Well, I kept thinking about it here and there over the year and then saw it again in a shop in San Francisco's Ferry Building (aka a foodie's paradise) and again, it called to me. But this time the $35 price tag stopped me from taking it home. My good friends at came through at $23 and change and it was mine!

Let me start out by stating I am not a cook. I make food in order to survive (my family, I'm sure, wishes it were different). Don't get me wrong. I love good food. I just enjoy eating good food, not making it. So, for me to recommend a cook book it pretty high on the WOW-o-meter.

Things I love about this book:
- the way it feels in my hands (the paper and cover are a great smooth texture)
- the beautiful illustrations (done by Patricia Curtan)
- the variations on each recipe giving them a new twist
- the simplicity of the recipes
- the knowledge imparted about the science of food and cooking
- the way it makes me crave nutritious food (and for not-quite-recovered junk food junkie, that's saying a lot)
- the way it reminds me to support my local food growers and to eat healthy
- the way it actually makes me want to cook!!!!!

It's part cooking and food education, part cookbook and part art (in the recipes and the actual book).

I figure if something has such an impact on me, I should share.
Check it out...

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