Monday, November 3, 2008

Rampage of Appreciation

Fall has officially started in my neck of the woods. Last Saturday it poured most of the day, some sun on Sunday and rainy and cloudy today. I like the sun. Actually, I need the sun. I get grumpy and schleppy when the sun hides for too long. So, I started thinking of how I'm going to get through this cloudy season that's just beginning and I remembered a little process I learned from Jerry and Esther Hicks called a "Rampage of Appreciation".

It goes something like this...
1. gather a pen and paper
2. find a quiet, comfortable place where you can be uninterrupted for say half an hour
3. write down 100 things you appreciate

By the time 100 is reached, you can't help but feel better. My list has run the gamut from appreciating flushing toilets and the internet to the ability to take a deep breath with ease or the way my husband make me laugh.

I just thought I'd share this in case cloudy days get anybody else down too. Really it works any time, like when I'm in a nasty, grumpy, negative, poor-pitiful-me sort of mood. Cause that's not pretty to be around. Luckily this exercise helps snap me out of it.

Woo hoo, the sun just peeked out of the clouds!

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