Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Sweet Co-Creation

I just love when a good idea springs forth during the hum drum moments of the everyday. The newest pdf template in my etsy shop, titled "Sweet" happened just that way.

Little Cat A (10 year old daughter) and I were at the grocery store on Wednesday when I heard a rather loud gasp. Little Cat A had spied the Hostess rack of treats sporting a sale sign that read 10 for $10. After spending $1 of her allowance on some firm vanilla cakes with plastic-type frosting, we were driving home when she said, "Too bad you don't have brown labels. You could make some to look like cakes." I thought that was a fab idea!

Here's the final result...

the set of 4 note cards

Little Cat A wanted one that said "Hostess with the Mostess". What a clever girl!

1 comment:

Happy Stones said...

These are super cute! Even better that your little one was the inspiration!